I am going to China! and doing a spot of fundraising :)

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Hey everyone, I'm doing last minute fund raising for my trip to China :) I'm selling art cards OR post cards for $5 (payable via paypal). They are hand painted, your choice style & up to 5 colors, your choice subject matter (gimme a photo reference or a clear description of what you want). I will paint & ship up to August 29th (day before my flight). Here are a few examples of my work. You can contact me via the button under my bio on the right of this post. I will respond with the pertinent details. I could reeeally use the extra money right now. Thanks!

Art model resource

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I didn't plan to post again today but I came across this excellent resource and thought I should share it. I'm sure many of you are aware of how difficult it is to find how quality art models, particularly if you are too broke (like me!) to pay for your own live model. This site has both male and female models and photos taken at 360 degrees (from every angle) of the same pose. Each set has around 24 hi res photos for only around $4. So, if you are as serious as I am about anatomical drawing, you definitely should check out this site.

Rainforest Art Projects

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Currently I'm visiting beautiful, sunny, tropical Puerto Rico and have been wanting to do a related post on it. I wrote this article for another publication but I think you guys will also appreciate it. I am also going to add in photos from my time here in PR and examples of rain forest related artwork (click on the paintings to go to the website I found them on) to inspire you. 


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Hello faithful readers! I’m sorry I’ve been unable to post for the past two weeks but I have returned with more exciting new posts. Expect an interview with artist Scott Garcia this week, as well as two new tutorials: How to draw using pen and ink & Basic Intro to painting with watercolors. There will also be one extra-long post this week and another next on  Behind the art: Installing a world class piece of art. There will be one about Pepon Osorio and the other about Amalia Mesa Bains. I hope you enjoy this week’s posts and please leave a comment if there is something you want me to cover in the coming weeks.

Coming next week

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Just checking in to let you all know that I will be one of Pepon personal helpers assisting with set up on Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 from 9-5pm. :D & I will be taking a few days off here because I am also preparing to fly from Albuquerque to Puerto Rico on Wednesday the 16 so I'm taking this next week to get as much work done as I can.

I will, however, have a ton of new articles, how-tos and reviews for you next week. I'm working on about 30 articles for the blog right now that I will be adding periodically so expect some new content soon.

Sorry about the wait regarding artist of the week. Josue is busy with his band "Ser.es" but as soon as he answers the interview questions I will post them here. In the meantime I am preparing 2 more artist of the week specials. One will be about a carver named Scott Garcia and the other is El Moises.